Rocks Against Cancer

We created a TAXI TV video to promote The Farber Center for Radiation Oncology's  "Rocks Against Cancer" cancer fundraiser event. In conjunction with Donna Grossman Casting, we cast real people affected by cancer, including icon Maye Musk, and created our own rock video.

Tremendous thanks to our crew for their generous contributions: Director/Editor: Grace Huang; Creative Director; Marilyn Kam; Producers: Katy Fuoco + Jessica Haselkorn; Casting: Donna Grossman; Wardrobe Stylists: Karin Bereson & Sylvia Grieser; DP: Santiago Gonzalez, Industrial Color; Studio, Equipment & Catering: Canoe Studios; Hair Stylists: Deycke Heidorn + Rheanne White; Makeup Stylists: Sam Coffey + Cynthia Sobek; Lighting Technician: Everett Meissner; Photo Assistant: Luke Barber-Smith; Production Assistant: Marta Zylinska. Talent: Josh Brown, Toni Belafonte, Alyssa McGarry, Joe Stevens, Maria Diaz, Lisa Wagner, Hank Chen, Herman McDowell, Samantha Stanley, Maye Musk, Allen Enlow, Dipti Mehta, and Lindsey Simcik. Music by The Stand In. A Two Eye Monkey Production.

Two Eye Monkey